Nonno in the garden!❤️

I am so in love with my nephew!! Look at how adorable he is!!! #Matteo 👶💙

Matteo is already cheering for the Falcon’s!!!


I took this wandering around little Italy in Cleveland during the feast of the assumption. Shot with my note 2

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Girls don’t wear makeup to attract your shitty ass, we wear it to feel fabulous    ・゚✧(。♡‿♡。)・゚✧

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  • me: *walks up to a group of middle schoolers skateboarding*
  • me: lemme show you a trick or two
  • middle schoolers: *hand me a board*
  • me: this one's called stealing
  • me: *runs away with it*


I think this is the most romantic thing to ever happen to me


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